November 18th, 2018

Winnipeg is changing | Cashless taxi service


User friendly Vehicle for Hire app “YOWEBY” is changing the taxi industry in Winnipeg. No more cash on taxi ride. Go cashless for safe ride.

Very easy to set up YOWEBY rider account.

  1. Download Rider app from Google Play or IOS user from App store. Book online if you don’t have smart phone.
  2. Signup with phone number. Verify phone number by confirming OTP.
  3. Complete profile by adding email address, profile picture.
  4. Add digital payment option (All major credit cards, Visa /Mastercard debit card, PayPal)
  5. Start requesting ride by selecting pickup address and drop off address.
  6. Rate your driver to help users to understand how much you enjoy taking ride with YOWEBY.
  7. Receive receipt on your ride history or ask us ( email you

Booking ride using mobile browser of YOWEBY.COM

Watch the video tutorial